Bate Toto


Name: Bate Toto

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: dark “can see in to your soul” blue

Skin Color: tan

Religion: Catholic

Sexuality: does it really matter?

Family: Fronz Toto and Ebinima Batesman are his parents. Both not around.

Personal Background (include alleged crime here): Bate was never really one to get along with the society around him. He found himself in many physical fights even in older kids in his grade years. At around the age of 14 he was compelled to leave school. Bate was also compelled to leave home not soon after. Especially after a series of inexplicable events seem to unravel themselves around him. Things have seem to be coming better though now for Bate. He collected almost as many skills as the suits and other clothing items he has amounted over the years. A suave man Bate is. He lived in a nice house that no one ever came near but at least the city wasn’t too far of a distance. No one came by until it was discovered that the taxes hadn’t been paid for the house in a particular amount of time. It was discovered that Bate’s was a guest of the house he was living in, his lovely lord, Clemine wasn’t present and hadn’t been for a while according to Bate. Bate later told the officer “I hadn’t seen her in a while. Last time I saw her she was with a different man, Emmanuel I believe his name was I believe?” Alas, Bate’s luck was set the moment the officer heard his name. Turns out, the officer had gone to school with Bate and his troubled reputation preceded him. With that, our dearest Toto was exiled. Lucky for him, he felt ready.


Bate Toto

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