Korzac the Brute


Name: Korzac

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Barbarian

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Cataracts cover them so it appears as if he has no pupils or irises

Skin Color: Pale

Religion: Korzac doesn’t really understand the concept of religion

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Profession: Ex-body guard/ attack dog.

Family: The pack of wolves that raised him, and his Ex-master.

Background: Korzac didn’t really have a chance for a normal life. He was born to a small peasant family in an agricultural village. His mother died in childbirth and to make matters worse he was born blind. As a result the little toddler was often left alone in the house with occasionally an older sister, while the rest of his family worked in the fields. Thus, when his village was raided by Gnoll slavers, little toddler Korzac was overlooked. He barely escaped into the woods as the Gnolls burned down his home, with the rest of the village. Korzac then grew very very lucky after wandering for a day or so in the woods near his home he encountered a pack of wolves. For some unknown reason even to Korzac the alpha of the pack, wasn’t feeling hungry that day and after Korzac followed the pack persistently for days upon end, (fascinated with the fuzzy wolf fur) the wolves raised him as one of their own. Korzac still prefers to travel and move on all fours, as opposes to just his legs. Years later, Korzac was discovered by a noble who had traveled north on a hunting exhibition. This Noble was renowned for having an almost magical calming voice, but also had a cruelty streak a mile wide. The noble, (after watching Korzac tear the throat out of a companion’s neck for killing a wolf) was impressed and decided that he wanted a new pet, Korzac. This noble is the one who dubbed Korzac with his name, (because that was the sound that Korzac screamed while murdering the noble’s manservant). After much sweet talking and wolf killing (unknown to Korzac of course) Korzac agreed (kinda) to come with the Noble. Life was not the same in the southern deserts as it was in the northern woods, and Korzac did not always appreciate the chain his master forced him to wear, but Korzac quickly learned to love his new job. Korzac ate well, listened to beautiful music, and even had a comfy nest of his own. Korzac’s only duty was to kill whatever his master told him to whenever his master said so. It was a good life for Korzac until one day in the market place a merchant dropped a small case of imported exotic magic (fireworks). All it took was a few loud bangs to set Korzac over the edge so that when all was said (or screamed) and done, Korzac had mauled an innocent little girl to death. Due to the horrific nature of the killing, and Korzac’s violent nature and intimidating appearance, he was considered a perfect candidate for the Games.

Korzac the Brute

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