Character Creation


  • All characters will be level 10. No exceptions. Roll your character here. If you don’t know how to use the generator, ask me or someone who knows what they’re doing. I may adjust your stats to keep all characters competitive with each other.
  • When choosing skills, remember that some will be absolutely useless in a setting like this, while others will be essential to surviving in the wilderness.
  • Similarly, remember that when you focus on a single weapon with your feats, you might not get that weapon immediately at the start of the game. Everyone gets a randomized equipment pack, and you may or may not get lucky. You’ll have to craft your own weapons or find them out in the arena if you don’t get lucky. But think about the possibilities once you find that weapon…


  • In the City, the Games are supposed to be a form of public execution. Your character is in this situation because they were accused and convicted of a) a heinous crime, either against other people or the City government (e.g. murder, treason, etc. basically all felonies) or b) pissed off the nobles or the religious order significantly for whatever reason. They might be innocent or the most horrible person in the world – that’s up to you. Look at The Watchmaker’s Song wiki pages for background info.

Character Creation

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